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Terms & Conditions (valid for passes purchased since 11/02/2015)

SOUTH PASS is a tourist product developed by Pasajes Express, not a passenger transportation company.

Pass acquisition:
The acquisition of the SOUTH PASS by the website or through a third party implies for its acquirer complete acknowledgement and acceptance of all and each of the conditions detailed below pursuant to regulations in force.
The SOUTH PASS is valid only for tourists, foreigners or Argentine citizens and does not matter where he/she resides. The SOUTH PASS is strictly personal and non-transferable and valid only showing a passport or any other document that replace the passport which proves identity.
To be able to start requesting bus tickets, a South Pass holder must upload a passport image at The South Pass will not work up to the correct documentation image is received.

Traveling documentation:
For national and international services, the South Pass holder must comply with all the government requirements in terms of personal documents needed to travel or specific rates, during the trip, departure, or arrival at the countries. South Pass shall not be liable for any expenses and inconveniences caused if the South Pass holder fails to comply with these requirements.
The South Pass holder is responsible for asking and complying with customs, sanitary, phytosanitary and migration regulations. The South Pass holder shall be responsible for any breach of these regulations or personal damages due to ignorance.

Pass validity:
As of the date of issue, the pass is valid for 180 consecutive calendar days. This period of time begins the day the pass is purchased.

Pass duration (activated pass):
As of the date it becomes active (use of first trip), the pass is valid for 60 consecutive calendar days (00 hours Argentina). Bus tickets with a date superior to the 60 days of duration will not be issued.
Once the validity or duration of the Pass have expired, the South Pass shall not be reimbursed neither nor the pending trips.
It is possible to use the first trip, starting the 60 days pass duration, even being the end of it, once the validity of the pass expires.

Places where pass can start to be used:
The use of the pass can start at any city of Argentina or any of the cities of the participating countries (Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru) where the services of the Grupo Plaza and associated companies get to. Provided the destination of that first trip is another argentinian city, to which the services of the Grupo Plaza and its associated companies get to.

International trips:

Argentine Passengers must go to the company bus ticket office 30 minutes before the departure of an international service. They have to pay 35% of the value of the bus ticket (As indicated by the 3450 General Resolution)

These are the possible trips to or from cities in other countries:


  • Bariloche / Osorno & Osorno / Bariloche - 1 trip
  • Bariloche / Puerto Montt & Puerto Montt / Bariloche - 1 trip
  • Bariloche / Valdivia & Valdivia / Bariloche - 1 trip
  • Buenos Aires / Santiago & Santiago / Buenos Aires (Through Mendoza)- 2 trips
  • Mendoza / Santiago & Santiago / Mendoza - 1 trip
  • Mendoza / Viña del Mar & Viña del Mar / Mendoza - 1 trip 


  • Buenos Aires / Colonia & Colonia / Buenos Aires by ferry boat - 1 trip
  • Buenos Aires / Montevideo & Montevideo / Buenos Aires by ferry boat or bus - 1 trip
  • Buenos Aires / Punta del Este & Punta del Este/Buenos Aires by ferry boat - 1 trip
  • Buenos Aires / Piriapolis & Piriapolis/Buenos Aires by ferry boat - 1 trip
  • Córdoba / Montevideo & Montevideo / Córdoba - 1 trip
  • Rosario / Montevideo & Montevideo / Rosario - 1 trip
  • Santa Fé / Montevideo & Montevideo / Santa Fé - 1 trip



  • Buenos Aires / Asunción & Asunción / Buenos Aires - 1 trip
  • Córdoba / Asunción & Asunción / Córdoba - 1 trip



  • Buenos Aires / Santa Cruz de la Sierra & Santa Cruz de la Sierra / Buenos Aires - 2 trips
  • Tucumán/Santa Cruz de la Sierra & Santa Cruz de la Sierra / Tucumán - 2 trips


  • Buenos Aires/Lima & Lima /Buenos Aires - 3 trips


  • Buenos Aires / Camboriú & Camboriú / Buenos Aires - 2 trips
  • Buenos Aires / Florianópolis & Florianópolis / Buenos Aires - 2 trips
  • Buenos Aires / Porto Alegre & Porto Alegre / Buenos Aires - 2 trips
  • Buenos Aires / Río de Janeiro & Río de Janeiro / Buenos Aires - 3 trips
  • Buenos Aires / San Pablo & San Pablo / Buenos Aires - 2 trips
  • Buenos Aires / Torres & Torres / Buenos Aires - 2 trips
  • Córdoba / Camboriú & Camboriú / Córdoba - 2 trips + 640ARS extra charge
  • Córdoba / Florianópolis & Florianópolis / Córdoba - 2 trips + 320ARS extra charge
  • Córdoba / Torres & Torres / Córdoba - 2 trips
  • Puerto Iguazú/Río de Janeiro y Río de Janeiro/Puerto Iguazú - 1 trip + 640ARS extra charge

Bus ticket request:
The South Pass shall not entitle the South Pass holder to board the bus (it is not a bus ticket). To travel, the South Pass holder must request a bus ticket through the site by filling in the “trips request” form. This is mandatory. Only South Pass holders have access to this form.
Bus tickets asked by telephone, e-mail or any other way will not be processed. Only bus tickets requests asked by filling in the form of the web page.
The above mentioned “trip request” form must be filled in at least 24 hs before the beginning of the chosen time range (6 am to 1 pm / 1 pm to 9 pm / 9 pm to 6 am) for the wanted bus service and maximum 30 days in advanced. It is important to have in mind that the tickets (trips) can be issued with a maximum of one month of anticipation.
A bus ticket can be requested by two different ways. There are bus companies with online bus ticket issuing systems and companies that have not online issuing system.
The way a bus ticket is issued cannot be chosen by the SOUTH PASS holder but is going to be stated by the bus company issuing bus ticket system.
1) With online issuing bus ticket system: allows the SOUTH PASS holder to issue a bus ticket at that moment, choosing date, timetable and seat
An itinerary has to be chosen: origin, destination and trip date.
Available bus services will be shown:
To choose the best fitting bus service and seat.
Once the “select” buttom is pressed, the SOUTH PASS Holder receives an e-ticket by email. This e-ticket has to be printed to be shown with a personal document at the moment of boarding the bus.
After an e-ticket is issued, any date, time, itinerary or seat change will have a penalty that will have to be paid according to the bus companies established penalties. There is more information about this, below at “ISSUED BUS TICKETS CHANGE”
2) Without online issuing bus ticket system: in less than 24hs after filling in “the bus ticket request form” with the origin and destination city and chosen time range, the information of the bus ticket to travel is received by email at the SOUTH PASS holder email address. This form has to be filled at least 24hs before the beginning of the chosen time range (6am, 1pm o 9pm).
Bus tickets will be issued according to the dates, time ranges selected and origin and destination city requested on the form, not the comments. Comment area is just for further information but is not a condition while issuing the bus tickets. A South Pass Holder do not choose an exact time, transportation company, seat, nor type of service, etc.
A South Pass holder by filling in a “trip request” form, is authorizing the corresponding bus ticket to be issued, it can be an e-ticket that must be printed and carried with the passenger while travelling or a code to collect the ticket at a specific bus ticket office (it is recommended with 1 hour of anticipation before service departure). All the information regarding it shall be sent to the personal e-mail address provided at the moment the pass was purchased.
Each South Pass Holder can also check the information of his/her bus ticket at while logged in.
Each South Pass Holder will be able to request one bus ticket for himself/herself, and for nobody else, per service. Bus tickets will not be issued for diffierent services at the same time for the same person. Duplicate requests will be erased automatically.
Bus tickets with the same origin and destination cities requested previously by a same South Pass holder will not be issued.
In order to fullfill any procedure (for example: issue a ticket, board a bus, or replacement for lost or stolen luggage, etc), it will be necessary to show the passport or document which proves identity or residence card for Argentine citizens residing out of the Argentine Republic.

Bus ticket request change:
A South Pass Holder can modify the date, time range and origin or destination of a bus ticket request form, filled in the “book your trips” at before the bus ticket is issued.
Once a bus ticket was issued, the South Pass holder can ask for it to be changed but only by email and paying the penalty. This change is subject to availability.
The request can be only change for a date after the one which is insert in the original request

Bus ticket:
Bus tickets issued with the pass are only valid for the date, schedule, service category and destination indicated there in.
If a South Pass holder is not on time to get in the bus, the bus ticket cost shall not be reimbursed neither nor the South Pass trip.
In case a South Pass holder decides to purchase a bus ticket on his/her own no matter the reason why, South Pass will never reimbursed its cost.
If a South Pass holder fails to show a valid passport or document that proves identity together with the ticket at the moment to board the bus, the company might refuse admission and the South Pass holder will have no right to make any claim whatsoever. In this case, the cost for the issued bus ticket shall not be reimbursed, neither the South Pass trip nor the partial cost of the South Pass because passes with trips issued which have not been used shall not be reimbursed.

Issued bus tickets change:
The issued tickets are non-refundable.
Nevertheless, date and schedule changes can be made up to 24 hours prior to service departure, and the trip can be changed as well for a different city of origin and destination. The possibility of changing the bus ticket will depend on availability. Within 24 hours prior to service departure, no changes can be made and the trip will be lost.
If the South Pass holder wishes to change the ticket already issued, he or she shall request that change by sending an email to and being subject to different penalties on the current rate of the issued ticket:

  • A penalty of 20% shall be collected till 48 hours prior to service departure.
  • From 48 till 24 hours prior to service departure, the penalty shall be of 30%.
  • During the 24 hours prior to service departure, no change and no reimbursement will be made.
  • The payment of the penalty can be made only with Credit Card.
  • Ferry boat tickets issued to or from Uruguay with Colonia Express Company cannot be changed or refunded once they are issued.

The following routes in Argentina has an extra charge of ARS 320:

  • Bariloche/Mar del Plata and Mar del Plata/Bariloche
  • Buenos Aires/La Quiaca and La Quiaca/Buenos Aires
  • Buenos Aires/Puerto Madryn and Puerto Madryn/Buenos Aires
  • El Bolson/Rio Gallegos and Rio Gallegos/El Bolson
  • Esquel/Rio Gallegos and Rio Gallegos/Esquel
  • Puerto Madryn/Rosario and Rosario/Puerto Madryn

The following routes in Argentina has an extra charge of ARS 640:

  • Bahia Blanca/Rio Gallegos and Rio Gallegos/Bahia Blanca
  • Bariloche/Calafate and Calafate/Bariloche
  • Buenos Aires/Comodoro Rivadavia and Comodoro Rivadavia/Buenos Aires
  • Catamarca/Puerto Iguazu and Puerto Iguazu/Catamarca
  • El Bolson/El Calafate and El Calafate/El Bolson
  • Mendoza/Resistencia and Resistencia/Mendoza
  • Mendoza/Puerto Madryn and Puerto Madryn/Mendoza
  • Puerto Iguazu/Salta y Salta/Puerto Iguazu


If the combination of cities requested is not on the list but includes some of the cities listed, you may have an additional cost. For further information check “Maps & Trips” section in or by mail at

Trips with a connection:
When the trip proposed by Argentina Bus has a connection, the South Pass holder will get two tickets and only one trip from the pass will be deducted. If the South Pass holder decides to stay more time at the connecting city than the suggested by Argentina Bus, then two trips from the pass shall be deducted. If the connection proposed by Argentina Bus is on the following day, the South Pass holder will pay for the accommodation costs.
Every connection has a minimum of 3 hours in between. South Pass is not responsible if a passenger looses the connection despite the reason why. The bus ticket and the South Pass trip shall not be reimbursed.

  • Bariloche / Mendoza & Mendoza / Bariloche – connection in Neuquén
  • Cafayate / Tucumán & Tucumán / Cafayate - connection in Salta
  • El Bolsón / Mendoza & Mendoza / El Bolsón - connection in Neuquén
  • Rosario / Puerto Iguazú & Puerto Iguazú / Rosario - connection in Santa Fé

It is consider a trip or leg a journey from origen to destination without intermediate stops, as long as there is an existing direct regular bus service in all the services provided by an Argentinian busses companies.

  • Cordoba/Rio Gallegos and Rio Gallegos/Cordoba - 2 trips + 320ARSextra charge
  • Mendoza/Puerto Iguazu and Puerto Iguazu/Mendoza - 2 trips
  • Mendoza/Río Gallegos and Río Gallegos/Mendoza - 2 trips + 320ARSextra charge
  • Puerto Iguazu/San Juan and San Juan/Puerto Iguazu - 2 trips

The possibility of issuing the requested bus ticket shall be subject to availability, according to the dates and destinations, being South Pass or the carrier not responsible for lack of availability. In that case, a closest date, schedule and/or destination shall be offered to the South Pass holder.

Type of service:
The assignment of the type of service (Semi Cama / Cama / Común) shall be made by the carrier company according to the availability of seats assigned for Argentina by bus tickets at the moment the trip booking is made. Meal services are not always included.

People travelling together:
South Pass is personal, not groupal. Whenever two or more people want to travel together, this will depend on availability at the moment of issuing the bus ticket. South Pass cannot guarantee that two or more people are going to travel together.

Bus service is cancelled or delayed:
In case the bus service is cancelled or delayed, the same guarantees given by the company to any national passenger shall be applied. The carrier company reserves the right to provide the service through a different company when technical or operational reasons would prevent it from doing it with its units, respecting price, quality, and category of the service. This shall not apply in case of force majeure or fortuitous event. The carrier company shall not be responsible for the expenses or damages caused by delays in departure, arrival or interruptions during the trip due to force majeure or fortuitous event.
Likewise, in case the border crossing is closed or the route is blocked for any reason, the company shall not be responsible for the passenger’s expenses or transfers pursuant to Section 188 of the Code of Commerce.
South Pass shall not be responsible in case of strikes, delays or lost connections, or loss or stolen unchecked luggage.
South Pass will not be responsible for the cancellation of service when the routes are closed at certain time of the year or due to weather conditions.
South Pass shall not be responsible for the bus services that do not operate the whole year. There are some places where services operate by seasons and do not operate the whole year.

Return of passes:
Only passes with no bus ticket issued can be returned. This can be made through the agent or agency where the SOUTH PASS was purchased. In case the pass was purchased through the website, make the request by email to
In case the South Pass had been purchased through an intermediary, then it should be return to the intermediary. The return request must be sent within 90 days after the pass was issued, once this period of time has elapsed, there will be no return. The agency will have to send the return request to the issuing Head once. The return of the pass made prior 60 days as of the date of issue, will have a penalty of 10% of its value. The return of the pass made after 60 days as of the date of issue and prior to day 90, will have a penalty of 25% of its value.

Extra charges:
Some trips have extra charges, which can be of 320ARSor 640ARS.
To be able to proceed with the collection of the extra charges the South Pass holder should provide a complete credit card information (card type, holder name, number, expiration date, security code) at the “trip request ” form at Once the extra charge/s is collected the bus ticket can be issued.
The possibility of issuing the bus ticket will depend on availability at the moment the credit card information is received. In case there is no availability, another date will be suggested for that trip.
Extra charges shall not be refunded.

Modified pass:
The use of a modified, forged or invalid pass or issued under the name of another person, authorizes its confiscation as well as the payment of a fine.

Rates change:
South Pass reserves its right to change rates without previous notice being them related or not to the variation of exchange rates. All reimbursements are subject to cancellation fees.

Children under 3 years of age who travel accompanied by at least one adult, shall travel for free provided the child does not occupy a seat. A passport or other document that proves identity must be shown. But an insurance fee of approximately USD 2 shall be paid per trip (obligatory travel insurance). This insurance is paid at the ticket office prior to departure.

The ticket allows the passenger to carry as luggage: a small handbag no bigger than 40 x 40 x 25 cm and a suitcase up to 80 x 80 x 30 cm maximum, both luggages cannot weigh more than 15kg total (according to Resolution 47/95 of ST modified by Resolution 212/2002). If the luggage exceeds these limits, the passenger must pay a charge for excess luggage regulated by the rates of the courier service. Luggage to be transported must be closed, and with no declaration of its content. Valuable items (money, values, jewelry, documents, calculators, film camera, cameras, etc.) shall not be carried in your luggage. These items are not subject to any compensation whatsoever in the event of loss.
The passenger can declare the value of the luggage, in this case luggage will be ruled by the provisions and rates of the courier service. For security reasons, items that might put the vehicle, passengers and company staffat risk shall not be carried. Any luggage claim related to transported luggage shall be made to the carrier company only, and before leaving the station or place where the trip finishes, and within 24 hours after the trip finishes, proving its ownership by showing the corresponding ticket or baggage claim ticket (Resolution No. 47/95). The carrier company shall be responsible in case of damage or loss of baggage according to the provisions in force at the country where the incident took place, except in case of force majeure or fortuitous event.
In the event of loss of luggage, the passenger must make the claim within 24 hours otherwise the company shall not evaluate the case. The luggage shall be considered lost when it has not been returned within 5 days after the company received the claim. The acknowledgment of lost luggage shall take place whenever the luggage, bag or package has the ticket of the corresponding company.
Documents needed for acknowledgment:

  • Form
  • Police complaint
  • Photocopy of ticket
  • Photocopy of fare
  • Photocopy of passport or travel document or ID

Bus ticket lost:
In the event the passenger loses the ticket and wants to board the bus, the following documents must be shown at the ticket office:

  • Police complaint.
  • Photocopy of passport or ID.

Once provided (document and complaint match with the name that appears at the ticket office), these shall remain in hands of the ticket-seller, who shall provide and issue a new seat for free. These documents shall be shown as equivalent to the ticket amount.
If the passenger cannot provide a police complaint at the time of departure, he will have to pay for a new ticket, which shall be sold with no seat, but will naturally occupy the seat that he already had. The passenger will be able to make the corresponding claim once he has the complaint together with the photocopy of the document.

South pass lost:
In case the South Pass holder loses the pass, will be able to print it again from the welcome email where it appears as an attachment. Or visit the website with its username and get it directly if the pass was purchased online.

Right to refuse admission:
The company reserves its right to refuse admission to any passenger in the following cases:

  • Unacceptable Behavior: causing disturbances and unpleasant noises, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, not respecting the hygiene and sanitation standards, behaving in a way that affects the normal development of the service and any other behavior which affects the rights and security of the passengers and personnel.
  • When a passenger fails to comply with the security rules or instructions given by the personnel.
  • When a passenger fails to grant his consent for inspections and security check of person or baggage onboard or in specific areas such as bus platforms, boarding zones, or waiting rooms.

If the South Pass holder is not allowed to travel because of any of these reasons, then the bus ticket shall not be reimbursed.

Waiver of liability:

  • South Pass reserves its right to change its policies without notice.
  • Rates, schedules, services and information of the PASS can be modified without notice.
  • Furthermore, South Pass denies responsibility for any inconvenient, expense, fortuitous damages, resulting punitive, loss of profits, business loss, and so on, caused by mistakes of schedules, lack of equipments or delayed buses.
  • A passenger is a South Pass holder
  • All the travels and transactions with South Pass are governed by the regulations in force at the Argentine Republic.
  • South Pass can modify the terms and conditions anytime and these shall become effective once published on the website.

Call center:
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 11am to 8pm. Saturday 09 am a 12 am. 
Any point of sale apart from Pasajes Express is not part of the company and South Pass cannot be responsible for the lack of information given or the wrong information given.